FLPR Group
How to ensure effective communication of your company? It is difficult to give a clear answer to this question and we personally believe that it will be different in each case. In our work, we combine our know-how with unconventional approaches. We are not afraid of complex industries or seemingly inaccessible topics.

Our team consists of specialists from various fields, who take care of projects depending on their specificity. However, we are well aware that in the end it is our cooperation that gives the best effects.
Wondering who will take care of your project? Get to know our team.
Marcin Chabier
Company owner
tel: +48 607 380 062
e-mail: marcin.chabier@flpr.pl
Małgorzata Zielaskiewicz
PR Manager
Katarzyna Langer
PR & Marketing Specialist
tel: +48 690 000 722
e-mail: katarzyna.langer@flpr.pl
Sandra Konopka
PR & Marketing Specialist
tel: +48 535 000 790
e-mail: sandra.konopka@flpr.pl
Event Manager
tel: +48 535 260 320
e-mail: przygoda@outdoortravel.pl
Tomasz Janczy
Graphic Designer
e-mail: grafik@flpr.pl
Agata Kluczna
Graphic Designer
e-mail: projekty@flpr.pl
Anna Chabier
Owner of Filos Logos
NE: +31 645 817 774
e-mail: business@filoslogos.pl
Adrianna Grzywa
Project Manager Filos Logos
tel: +48 690 000 914
e-mail: biuro@filoslogos.pl
Come and visit us – tell us what you need or just tell us about your company. We will tell you which solution will be the best. Engaging social media profiles, unforgettable events, distinctive advertising gadgets, engaging content, effective cooperation with influencers, eye-catching graphics? Let’s talk and choose something for you.