Innergo Systems

Scope of activities
PR, marketing, LinkedIn campaign
About the company
Innergo Systems is an integrator of technological solutions and a provider of modern IT services. The company offers a selection of tools both in the field of telecommunications and ICT. These include data transmission and processing solutions as well as data centre infrastructure and technological support for Polish companies. The company uses the potential of the world’s largest manufacturers, ensuring the supply of the highest quality equipment and systems. The decade of experience and professionalism allowed Innergo Systems to take a high position among the integrators of ICT solutions in Poland.
The challenges
The client’s objectives included increasing its brand awareness among large companies and enterprises in Poland. The company also conducted workshops (Certified Innergo Technology Workshop) and launched Apple Financial Services with the support of our graphic setting, press information sent and partners acquired.
The results
Our agency supported the Integrator in its activities. In order to achieve the objectives set by the client, FLPR Group undertook projects in the area of Public Relations and Media Relations. Numerous written texts sent to the media contributed to the dissemination of information about Innergo in such outlets as Dobre Programy, Spider’s Web and ItWiz.

Our agency also ran a campaign on LinkedIn and designed promotional materials. We have also provided support in the workshops, as well as in contact with the media and acquiring partners.