Cooperative Bank in Oława

Scope of activities
PR, social media, media relations, graphic design, marketing, events, special campaigns, advertising gadgets
About the company
The Cooperative Bank in Oława belongs to the group of the best and largest cooperative banks in Poland. The current, very high position of the Bank is the result of experience gained since 1946, professional staff, modern technical facilities and an extensive network of branches in the Lower Silesia and Opole Voivodeships. The institution has been consistently supporting the activities of local charity and educational organizations for years. It is a patron and guardian of local schools and sports organizations.
The challenges
In the last quarter of 2019, the agency undertook to implement a campaign targeted at young people to activate this target group. The first action that was carried out was called #BankBliskoCiebie (#BankCloseToYou).

The purpose of this campaign was to present the Cooperative Bank in Oława as open to young customers, keeping up with their needs and lifestyle. We had to assure the recipients of the campaign that the Bank was able to meet the realities of payment methods and purchases.

Another challenge was to build the fanpage of the Cooperative Bank on Facebook from scratch, prepare relevant content and attractive creations, as well as to encourage current and potential customers to interact with the Bank. It was also crucial to build a group of interested recipients around the fan page – this was particularly important in the context of launching the first campaign. Using our knowledge, we were able to build a group of recipients around the site, thanks to which the campaign was successful.Over the next few months, the Fanpage grew regularly, achieving organic reaches counted in thousands of page views per week. It has been twice recognized by independent opinion-forming portals related to banking and finance.
The solutions
Being aware of the role of smartphones in everyday duties, the campaign highlighted the functionality of the mobile application and the possibility of paying by phone. The campaign showed the bank as a local, friendly branch, and not a complicated institution that a young customer might fear. #BankCloseToYou communicated that opening and having an account at the Cooperative Bank in Oława is not complicated, and at every stage the customer can count on the support of branch employees. By choosing a branch close to the place of residence, the young customer is guaranteed to cooperate with a local business, not a large, unfamiliar institution. The campaign started on 4 November. In its first week, there were intensified actions publicizing the campaign, such as Facebook ads, launching a landing page focused on leads, sending press releases, covering branches with banners, billboards, sending newsletters and SMS messages. The employees of the branches were instructed what language they should use in the communication with the young customers, they also received the schedule of the campaign.

The campaign was a success and since then we have been regularly cooperating with the Cooperative Bank in Oława, implementing subsequent campaigns. We regularly create a variety of content, press articles, newsletters, graphics, we run Facebook, prepare various types of messages, internal and external presentations, promotional gadgets and other materials needed to carry out any action but also supporting the daily work of the Bank. We have developed a campaign schedule and action plan for the entire year 2020.