Association Comfort of Silence

Scope of activities
Social media, media relations, graphic design
Laptop na biurku na którego ekranie pokazana jest publikacja - Media
About the company
The mission of the Association is to promote knowledge about the impact of building acoustics on the comfort, health and productivity of people staying inside. To this end, information, educational and consulting activities are conducted.
The challenges
In the first quarter of 2020, the agency began activities to help the Association implement its main goals. The FLPR Group was responsible for preparing communication, which consisted in explaining in a simple manner to the interested parties the occurrence of such phenomenon as noise pollution, as well as the rules of conduct that would allow to protect against it.
The solutions
Understanding that noise is an inseparable element in life and that everyone is exposed to its negative effects – regardless of age – the agency has undertaken communication on three levels. First, by preparing valuable content (supplemented with the knowledge of experts from the Association) along with attractive creations on the Facebook channel. Secondly, by maintaining regularity in running a profile on LinkedIn, for which the agency prepared separate content, adapting it to the audience of the website. Thirdly, by creating and publishing articles that describe the problem in more comprehensive way and show how to solve it. Such developed communication allowed reaching people from different age categories thanks to various forms of content, as well as by using several channels at the same time. The use of new graphical methods has resulted in greater interaction of people with the posts.